Photo-A-Day #2622

Today was another one of those milestones in a life of a family. It was Eva’s first last day of school. It was bittersweet because Eva has had such a wonderful year and has made some great friends but she was so upset about leaving them. She’s such a sensitive little girl which is wonderful but I often worry that she takes things too much to heart.

The classes came in and sang us a few songs in between each teacher giving a part of a speech. The kids were so cute. The presentation was called See You Later Alligator. That is what the the teachers and kids said because it isn’t goodbye just See you later because the kids will be back next year for classes. Each kid had a cute alligator hat on their head as they sang their songs. It was fun to watch them as they all sang the songs at their own pace and volume. It was cute and funny to watch. I recorded it for the family since everyone couldn’t make it to see this.

After the celebration we had an alligator shaped cake and other refreshments. Eva got to say goodbye to her friends and teachers. Plans were made for play dates and other fun things to do in the short couple months break between pre-k and kindergarten.

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