Eva’s First Recital

Eva First Recital
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Today was one of those milestone days that comes along only once when you’re a parent of a little girl. The first dance recital.

I got home from work and tried to get some sleep. I got about 2 hours of sleep broken up into two one hour stints over a four hour period. It was a tough sleep day.

I got up around 2pm, took a shower and then helped Allison a bit getting Eva ready. It was a hectic day because Allison was confirmation sponsor to my cousin Maddie. Maddie was also in 8 dance numbers at the recital. So having a the confirmation right before the recital it was up to me to bring Eva and my cousin Amanda to the recital. I also had to feed the kiddos so we had a special dinner at McDonald’s. That gave me a taste of what having two kids would be like. And I thought I was exhausted for not sleeping. Spend an hour with two cute little kiddos who were super excited and hyped up.

After dinner we went right over to the Woonsocket High School. I dropped the girls off with the dance staff and they took care of getting them changed and ready for the dance recital. I went off and read a little while I waited for Allison, Mom & Dad, Tara & Erik and Shelby to arrive.

Mom & Dad made it to the seats and so did Allison but Tara, Erik and Shelby were a bit late and had to sit in the back. They missed the Ballet number but luckily I caught it on my Kodak PlayTouch. Eva was so very cute. Kids at the age of three are hilarious at dance recitals because there is no telling that they are going to do. So cute.

There were a bunch of dance numbers and my cousin Maddie was in a bunch of them. she was awesome. She had presence, personality and some great dance skills. I think that we were all really proud and impressed by her dancing.

There was a brief intermission and we caught up with Aunt Corrine, Tara, Erik, Shelby and Aunt Millie. Tara brought me some earplugs so that I could enjoy the recital without being slammed by the really loud music. They were very helpful.

Eva’s second number was a tap number. She had a little farmer girl outfit on and the dance was something called six little piggies. She was so cute, mugging a bit and doing her own thing once or twice. For the most part she kept to the routine and did such a great job.

The finale was funny because for some reason Eva came out and then decided to stand up while everyone else was sitting. It was at the same time when the top sales for the ads in the program was happening. So it was a little funny. She really looked like she wanted what was in the bags that the little girls who had high ticket or ad sales. She loves stuff, I think that is my fault for being such a collector.

After the finale we came over to Eva and Allison and I presented her with a bouquet of flowers. My Mom & Dad got her a bouquet too and I got her a tiny one of small pink roses. Even though we had bought her a bouquet through the dance program I felt like getting her something from me as well because I was so proud of her hard work.

Eva was so cute walking around with 3 crinkly bouquets of flowers that were almost as big as her.

We took a few photos with Eva

And then one of Eva and Auntie Shelby

, Eva with Auntie Tara

and Eva with Maddie and Amanda.

We also went over to the Ice Cream Machine to have some celebratory ice cream cones. We stayed till their septic tank stunk us out of the place. Luckily I had finished my cone before that odoriferous assault. Other than the stinky air we had a wonderful night.

What is Drew Shooting with?
Model: NIKON D80
Exposure: 1/50 sec
Aperture: 6.3
Focal Length: 250mm
Flash Used: No

This is my own personal DSLR camera that I bought half of. My mother-In-Law bought the other half as an investment of great photos of her grandchildren. With over 26,000 photos of Eva and counting, I’d say she got great ROI on the investment. The opinions about them are 100% mine.

How Does Drew Protect His Photos?
Model: GoFlex™ Ultra-portable Drive
Interface USB 2.0 or 3.0
Capacity: 320GB – 1.5TB
Automatic Backup Software:PC & Mac:
Weight (typical): 150g (.33 lb)
Software: Pre–loaded backup software with encryption

Disclosure: I received a number of Seagate devices including the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1 TB USB 2.0 Ultra-Portable External Hard Drive, GoFlex Home, GoFlex TV and GoFlex Net. I’ll be talking about these devices in the coming months. The opinions about the devices are 100% mine.

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12 thoughts on “Eva’s First Recital”

  1. Tough sleep days. I’m right there with you on that, and you have my utter and complete, heartfelt sympathies. There are no words. =) I’m right there with you.

    Something you said, however, kinda scared me: “…one of those milestone days that comes along only once when you’re a parent of a little girl.”

    I’ve never been a parent of one of those before. It’s all new territory, and right now I’m just shy of 10 months into my experience. I mean, she’s adorable, but it’s all kinda scary. After all, I remember how I was when I was a little girl, and an adolescent girl, and frankly, I terrify myself with what I was capable of. =) Please tell me it gets better!

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    1. Delena,

      To me it gets awesome and stays awesome. You gotta look at the great things that she does every day that make you smile.

      Of course if you are a parent of multiple girls then I guess the day comes along more than one if they each dance.

      1. Ah, all of the great things she does… We think she’s saying “hi” already; she only does it sometimes so we can’t be sure, but we think so. She’ll walk any day now, and she uses a few signs already. It’s amazing.

        Judging from those photos, your little girl has a bit of sass along with that personality and presence! She’s so cute!

        Sleeping well?


  2. She’s so cute! I can bet that she is gonna be a great dancer when she will grow up. She makes me smile without doing anything! her smile it’s enough.
    I’m the father of a girl and she doesn’t like to dance but she sings like an angel. I’m amazed by both!

  3. Adorable. My 5 year old had her first dance recital a few weeks ago. There is nothing cuter and more entertaining being that there is always at least one tiny dancer that takes advantage of the spotlight.
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    1. Melinda,

      Congrats to you and your daughter on her recital. Eva was that kid who charmed the crowd just by waving and I think blowing kisses.

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