Eva’s Got Some New Wheels

Photo-A-Day #2370

I received a PlasmaCar from PlaSmart Toys to do a review and today I put it together. When Eva came home from school I had it out on the patio. She was very excited about playing with it. She went and hopped on it and was moving right along. I think we found the right kid powered vehicle for her age.

Eva and Allison went with Dano and Mimi shopping. I stayed home and caught up on some shows and e-mails. I had recorded Terra Nova to see what that was all about. a pretty good show overall. right now they seem to be into the baddie of the week mode but I think there are some potential for creating a decent show here.

We enjoyed dinner at House of Fortune along with Dano and Mimi as well as my mom and my sister Tara. Dinner, as always, was delicious. We had a fun time and even got Eva’s rendition of Chicken Fried. ever since my boss said that I look like Zac Brown she’s been singing that song. It is very cute.

If you are looking for toys for Christmas you’ve got to be here in November because I’ll be putting out a Holiday Gift guide but also I’ll be doing SwagsGiving again and this year it is toy themed. So many great toys are coming. Stick around and make sure that you are signed up for BenSpark’s Giveaway Newsletter.

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