Eva and her Harry Potter Cake
Photo-A-Day #4568

I specify 2017 because she had a Harry Potter themed birthday last year too. This year she is even MORE into the story of the boy wizard. Allison and Eva set everything up for the party as I was sleeping from work the night before. They worked out all sorts of fun things for everyone to do like watch The Chamber of Secretes and have massive amounts of popcorn and candy. They even got some old keys to make necklaces for everyone and also some little glass bottles with stoppers that look like potion bottles for everyone to drink from. I probably did not have to get as many pizzas as I did as the kids were already stuffed from all the snacks. They saved room for cake, though.

Allison made Eva very special cake that looked like Hagrid made it, on purpose. It is a real lo-tech way to make an authentic Harry Potter themed cake. I thought it was great and so did Eva. Many of her friends are also into the books and they know that Eva is so there were some great Harry Potter themed gifts that she received. Eva took it upon herself to tell everyone in the room why her friends were her friends and what she liked about them as she opened the gifts from each person. I don’t know exactly where that came from but that is totally Eva.

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