Eva’s Princess Party was a Royal Blast

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Today we held Eva’s 5th birthday party. All the credit for preparation and making things go off well goes to Allison. She took care of everything including that amazing cake from the photo. I just woke up helped move a few things and did the cooking (mini sliders and hot dogs for the kids, a hit). The weather was on our side too. We were able to have everyone in the back yard for a while and it was a warm Fall afternoon.

The kids arrived around 3:00 with their parents and grandparents. Eva invited the girls from school as well as her friends and cousins. It was a princess themed party but we did have one friendly pirate. Eva was Pocahontas and was so happy to be wearing her new costume. She’ll be Pocahontas for Halloween and Andrew will be Meeko, her raccoon.

I have to say that the kids were wonderful. They played, they made crafts and they danced in the backyard. Allison picked up some foam pumpkins and foam bats. The kids had foam stickers and markers and got to decorate for a while. They decorated nicely and cleanup wasn’t even that bad.

While the kids were decorating I started the food. We decided on mini sliders and hot dogs for the meal. I made sure that we had Kings Hawaiian rolls because they are perfect for sliders and they are so delicious on their own. Taking care of cooking for the kids first worked out well and then I cooked for the parents. We had plenty of food and the kids did not go away hungry.

Then it was time for cake. Allison made a fantastic princess cake with Belle as the princess. Allison took a Pampered Chef Batter Bowl to cook the chocolate cake and make the big dress. She also made a square yellow cake for the base. Even with both cakes Bell was s still a bit too big but Allison took a cue from Tim Gunn and made it work. And the cake came out fantastic. The kids were thrilled.

We had such a nice day.

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  1. Oh my gosh the faces in that photo say it all!! Sheer wonder and joy!! Congratulations on such a happy occasion! So happy that it was wonderful for all of you!! Happy Birthday, Eva!!

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