Everyone Loves A.. Rainy Parade?

Everyone Loves A.. Rainy Parade?
Photo-A-Day #1332

Today was the annual North Attleboro Santa Parade and it was happening rain or shine. Unfortunately the heavens chose rain today. There is nothing more sad than watching people throw candy from cars and floats so halfheartedly and seeing that same candy land in the puddles in the gutters. And not one person there to snatch it up. That is what we witnessed while watching the annual Santa Parade. We bundled up Eva.

You want to do what?

We headed downtown to watch the parade. We also got a late start because I pretty much passed out on the bed while reading Brisinger. Allison woke me around 3:20pm. The parade started at 3:00pm. We did get to see at least 3 of the local Dance Schools. (There are like 50 of them in town). We also got to see the most important part of the parade. No, not Santa but rather the EGL car. EGL stands for Edward G. Lambert. Ed was my best friend’s father. He was also the head of the North Attleboro Santa Parade and each year he would be the very last car in the parade. And in the words of the Lambert boys “The Parade isn’t over till the Buick rolls by.” Ed’s son Neil drove the car this year. He was all smiles when he saw us.

The End Of the Parade

I took my camera and figured I would get a shot or two during the parade. I did I got quite a few and there were some worth posting. I posted them to Flickr in the North Attleboro Santa Parade tag set. Taking Photos in the rain sucks especially if you don’t have something to cover your camera. I need that I have got to get a rain cover for my camera. I also should have taken off the polarizing filter that I had forgotten was on the camera until after I was done shooting. Oh well, at least I got the shot above. I did a little editing in Photoshop to isolate the parts in color that I really liked.

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12 thoughts on “Everyone Loves A.. Rainy Parade?”

  1. Drew, sorry you missed the beginning of the parade. I actually drove the car through the parade twice – once with the Grand Marshall, my mother and two of her grandchildren, and I got back to the beginning in time to get back in at the end.

    I am working on the NASantaparade.org website. As this year’s chairman for the parade, I want to thank all who came out in the rain to make the 53rd annual NA Santa parade a success.

    My father would have been pleased to see this parade, dedicated to his memory with the Edward G. Lambert Spirit of Christmas Awards for the winning floats, remain so well attended and participated in. In spite of the rain, the people of North Attleborough turned out to view the parade, one family actually had a tent shelter set-up in a parking space on the street.

    Thanks for the coverage and the pictures.

    Neil Lambert
    NA Santa Parade Committee 2008

  2. Neil,
    I’m sorry that this Christmas parade got the rain. IT certainly didn’t deserve it after all the work that goes into it. I am thrilled that there is an award named after your father. He made a lasting impression upon our town and his memory should be kept alive with awards such as the spirit award. I didn’t mean to say that no one was there because there were people who were there like the woman who stood directly in front of me as I tried to take photos and hide under the umbrella. She must have heard me give and exasperated “Really?” or at least her husband did and they moved. Sorry we missed the beginning of the parade. I was zonked out and had fallen asleep, believe me the only thing on our agenda yesterday afternoon was the parade. I hope that there were some photos taken of your mom in the Buick at the beginning of the parade.

  3. I hate when the weather ruins events! The only year I tried to go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade in NYC, it was pouring! I skipped it, but good for you guys for making it out anyway. Eva looks adorable in her little cold weather gear. Hope the Christmas parades have better weather for you!

  4. Dina,
    That was our Christmas Parade. If we can get to another that would be nice though. Thanks for the nice words about the photos. I still tried to do something with what I had.

  5. I guess “Santa” in the name would indicate a Christmas parade…I just can’t get over how early the holidays have come. ESPECIALLY at the retail stores. You’re welcome to join us here, but the parades aren’t that great.

  6. Thanks Jason,

    I got that idea as I was editing the image and though, why not take all the other color out of the photo. I think it came out nice too. And yes that facial expression is one I’ll be getting many times over in the years to come.

    Dave? – aka Drew aka BenSpark

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