Evo Conference 2011 Day One

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Today was the first day of the Evo Conference 2011. I had a fantastic day! I got to connect with so many of my friends from last year and from other blogging events.

Here is my Complete EvoConf 2011 Flickr Set.

I started the day with a killer headache. I always get affected by the altitude. So I drank tons and tons of water. I went around to as many of the sponsor suites as I could manage. There were some cool swag that was at each of the suites and also some fun things to learn about. I learned some great things from Kodak. Kodak has a kiosk that you can use to print photos at places like Target, CVS and Walmart. I learned that the kiosk can do so much more including getting your photos from Facebook.

Evo Conference 2011

I also picked up some new shoes from New Balance. I’m participating in two great events through New Balance with trainer Holly Perkins. The first event was today and it was a 3 mile walk using the new True Balance shoes. They have balance board technology built in to them. So I got my shoes and went to more suites.

Evo Conference 2011

My headache continued to get worse and I had lunch and that didn’t make it any better. I went back to my room and figured I’d lie down and see about taking a nap. I fell asleep for a little bit and then the cleaning ladies woke me up. They woke me just in time to get down and go for the afternoon walk. I felt a lot better after the sleep and then the walk made me feel even better. The scenery was beautiful.

Evo Conference 2011

After the walk we had a nice dinner and then all of the suites had desserts that we could partake in. So many tasty treats. Tomorrow the conference starts in earnest and it will be awesome!

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  1. Love that picture. If that’s an example of the scenery, it must be fantastic. Take care of yourself.

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