Experiencing the Shnurble

Photo-A-Day #2649

I finally got to go on a National Hot Dog Month 2012 Tour stop. We went to Larry Joe’s New England Firepit but Larry Joe is not open on Mondays. Doh! So Rob and I hopped in our cars and drove up to Wakefield, MA to go to Fred’s Franks. Fred’s Franks is the home of the Shnurble. That was an experience! It will probably be the biggest Hot Dog I will have on the whole tour and it was incredibly tasty.

But, just what is a Shnurble?

The Shnurble

A Shnurble (Sh-nur-ble) is an All Beef Pearl Hot Dog with two pieces of Chourico [spicy pork sausage] on a bed of sweet cabbage, mayo and sirachababa sauce folded into a fresh sub roll.

The combination of flavors is delicious. The portion was huge because I ended up with a Super Shnurble and I ate the whole thing. It should be the biggest dog I have on the tour. It was enormous. Now I have to pace myself, big time.

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