Fa La La La La

Fa La La La La
Photo-A-Day #1348

Today was another really crazy day. I have a new project at work and I am pretty excited about it. But I don’t like talking work here on this blog or on any blog. This is a blog about me and my stuff for you like my daily photos.

With it being the Christmas season and my not being able to get home while it is still light out I end up taking many photos in the house. I am experimenting with the settings on the camera so I get some interesting, not great, shots. Here are a few that didn’t make it for today’s Photo-A-Day.

Eva and Winnie-the-Pooh
Eva in Warp Speed, or warp speed around Eva as she stands still?

Eva enjoying her book
Eva reading a book.

70's photo
Eva circa 1976. It has a 60’s or 70’s feel to the photo I think.

Today was also a major day because today launched a huge promotion on this blog. The promotion was with Sears. I have a sponsored post below that details an outing that Allison, Eva and I had at Sears. We had an wonderful time and did pretty well getting toys for Christmas is for Kids. I got the idea because of a post on Facebook by my college and high school friend Sarah. Her family’s auto shop sponsored a toy drive that I went to about a week or so ago.

Some people may think that getting toys is frivolous especially with people out of work and needing so much more, but I firmly believe that toys are so important to children. I see kids growing up way to fast and not having proper childhoods. Toys are powerful things to spark imagination. Overdoing it with toys is possible to so there has to be moderation. But I can’t see kids missing out on getting toys on Christmas, I just can’t. So, you may read that in my post I will be socking away $10 a month to do another shopping spree next year. That isn’t bullshit. I have already created a payee called Christmas is for Kids in Microsoft Money and each month when I am paid $10 gets put towards that payee, that way I know the money is spent. We should have a good sum of money to use next year.

I think that this is very important to do as a family and to show Eva that we can strive to help others.

So the BenSpark Grants A Wish contest is running till December 23rd. I have a contest to give away a Silver Pass to Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, that contest ends this Friday, December 19th. So far no-one has entered. So if you decide to Enter you have a pretty good shot to win. The big contest however is BenSpark’s Big Box of Awesome. That contest ends tomorrow at 12:00pm EST. And there are a ton of entries. I have a very special thing planned to announce the winner too! Here is the last thing that is in the box, right now. If I have room I will maybe put some secrets in there too!

Car Shaped Carabiners Found in BenSpark's Big Box of Awesome!

Tonight I had my first ever IZEA Inisders meeting online. It was great to chat with all the insiders at once. And also great to chat with Ashley as well. That guy rocks! I may push him and give him a hard time but I love the guy.

Does anyone in my readership know of an affiliate opportunity with Rosetta Stone? Please leave me a message through my contact page. Thanks.

Our Christmas Tree

This is our Christmas tree. I keep trying different shots with it, this was decent, standard and all but it shows much of the tree. I had to crop the dining room table out of it. I have another photo of the tree up on the Nokia Chronicles site. If you load up the site and see the crappy picture of a floating Christmas tree, that would be mine. Lesson: Don’t give a blogger a craptastic 2MP phone to take photos and post to a site that should be a multimedia site but is just a sucktastic sucky site for sucky photos, it does not showcase the lives of the 20 diverse bloggers in the program. We should have gotten Nokia phones with full qwerty keyboards and unlimited usage for our 2 week trial periods. The bloggers deserve more from the program, the program deserves more for their expense as well. What they got was a glorified flash page that shows random pictures of things bloggers took pictures of. My Phone was recharged today with $25.00. I sent about 4 pictures to the site and I’m down to $21.00. I hate this phone (Nokia 6650), the plan and so much about this whole thing. I am embarrassed that my name is attached to the project as well. Before I finally got my refill I constantly got this message over and over.


So damn annoying. The site is terrible, there is no way to interact with the bloggers or comment on their photos. I have no memory card or cable for the phone so I can’t even pull up the images to share with you, they are on the site and that is that. (Wait, Oh I think I can, I may get them off the phone tomorrow and write what I should have been able to write in the 1st place. Okay I’ve ranted about this too much, but expect a full on rantfest when the project is over. I’m taking and sending a photo right now of my displeasure at the whole thing.

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9 thoughts on “Fa La La La La”

  1. Such cute pictures of Eva at the Christmas tree! Do you guys have a family photo you send out for the holiday? I think you’re also going to need to come out with a video-a-day edition soon. Or maybe video-a-week, as daily is a lot of work!

    I agree that toys are important. While necessities are great, Christmas isn’t the same without a present to unwrap. We just dropped off toys from our wish tree at the office. Hopefully we’ll get some pictures of the kids playing with them soon.

  2. Thanks Dina,
    We did make a family holiday card, We’ll be sending it out after Christmas because we got on that so late.

    I would love to do a video a day but they take me so long to edit and produce. I try and perfect them before they go, however you might see one for the revelation of the winner of BenSpark’s Big Bag of Awesome!

  3. Ciara,
    I am so annoyed with the whole Nokia phone and terrible site thing. There was an opportunity to do something great and it didn’t work out at all. I’m so disappointed.

  4. I really like that lst image of Eva, very “era” like. I like the idea of setting aside money to help others, that is ace! When my kids are a few years older we will be helping in our local soup kitchen wherever it may be, and I am going to try my darndest to teach them to give more then they receive without losing the strength to say no too.

    Chicas last blog post..A Year in photography.. in review.

  5. Chica,
    At this moment I cannot even see any of my flickr images. I’m glad that you can that means the issue is just mine.

    I like that last part of your comment, about not losing the strength to say no. That is important too, you can become overwhelmed when you help people in need because there is always someone in need.

  6. I thought it was just me.

    I’m baffled by how Nokia handles it’s weird “outreach” PR programs. When I saw the buzz site my mouth dropped.

    So I don’t need to feel guilty about being home in my no-cell-service town this week? Chapter 6? Good, because I don’t. I uploaded a mess of pictures in the last few days (pre-Chapter 6) and I’m assuming they can use those if they wish. I think I fired off about 10 before I started getting the “Unable to send message to nokia blog” screen.

    I wiped out my first $20 on one webpage load and a GPS inquiry. In less than two minutes. They topped it up by $15 after I mentioned it and said “test out the phone and its functionality as much as you can” which translates to “send SMS photos because you won’t be able to do anything else”

    The whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    missbhavenss last blog post..Mmmm, salvation.

  7. Bekah,
    I’m certainly not the only one that has been burned by this pr fiasco. However I did speak at length with Siobahn from the WOM. It seems like the WOM’s hands were tied on this one but the site did end up finally adding links to our twitter, flickr and blog accounts. It was a pretty terrible experiment with virtually no promotion save any mention that we made on our blogs. I told Siobahn that I would not participate in anything else unless I received a phone that a blogger would actually buy.

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