Facebook Credits Gift Cards Giveaway!

I received FOUR (4) $15 Facebook Credits Gift Cards the Other Day and wanted to do a giveaway. Actually I received 5 and used one for myself. What? I had chickens to feed. 🙂

Facebook Credits Gift Cards can be found at many local retailers like Safeway, GameStop, Target, Walmart and Radio Shack. But what do you use them for? Well for people who enjoy playing Farmville, Frontierville (I like that one, so sue me) and many more you can use this credit to buy premium in game items. The Facebook Credits can be used in more than 200 games and applications on Facebook and can be bought in denominations of $5 – $50.

If gaming is not your thing then you can use the Facebook Credits Gift Cards to give to a charitable giving organization like Stand Up to Cancer. http://www.facebook.com/su2tc.

Would you like to win one of my remaining FOUR (4) $15 Facebook Credits Gift Cards?

Yes? Good! Here is how you can win:

  1. 1 Entry – Mandatory to Enter Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you would do with the $15 Facebook Credit Gift Card you receive?
  2. 2. Tweet this “@BenSpark is giving away $60 in Facebook Credit Gift Cards. Time to feed your digital sheep! http://bit.ly/f7E5Gd #giveaway”
    Then Leave a comment with a link to your tweet. Here is how to get that link to your tweet
  3. 1 Entry – Follow BenSpark on Twitter
    (Leave a Comment with your Twitter name)
  4. 1 Entry – Subscribe to BenSpark’s Personal Branding BootCamp
    (Leave a comment letting me know you signed up)

That’s it!

I will not respond to any comments so that I can run the Random.org numbers correctly. Any trackbacks are unapproved while I select the random winner and then re-approved after. Only legitimate entries are counted. The Contest will run until Monday December 13, 2010 8:00pm EST. Please only enter once, do not use multiple names to enter. Make it fair for everyone and don’t stack the deck. Giveaway open to anyone because I will just e-mail you your code. Quick and Easy!

Disclosure: I was provided these cards by The OutCast Agency. Opinions about them are 100% mine.

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37 thoughts on “Facebook Credits Gift Cards Giveaway!”

    1. I would buy coffee. I am not currently working and go to Starbucks and use their internet. I would be able to get about 8 days of coffee at Starbucks with $15 in a gift card.

  1. Hmm….I would likely spend it on CityVille, which has taken hold of me stronger than heroin took hold of Janis Joplin. Or that ham sandwich took hold of Mama Cass.

    Wow. Timely references from me.

  2. FARMVILLE AND YOVILLE is what I play! Wanna be my neighbor??? They got so much new stuff coming out for Christmas it would be totally cool. Hubby says I can play the games, but no putting money into it. Sooooooo that’s what I would do with the card. WOO HOO!
    Look at what XmasDolly wrote blog post ..Mondays Music Moves Me!

  3. I’m a fb game addict…you know it! I would probably do as you did and feed some chickens or find some fancy shmancy chicken mansion to put them in:)

  4. Hi! If I won, I would give it away as a Christmas present to my younger cousin Kevin, in an attempt to motivate him to use his Facebook account more than just having it setup, so that he can join in on our family conversations within our family group.

  5. I would LOVE facebook credits! I would of course buy reward points for my mafia wars. I didn’t know that you could use fb credits for donations. I will donate a portion to an MS charity. I try to support the MS society whenever possible. Its benefits me if they can find a cure for my disease!
    Look at what Dawn wrote blog post ..The gift of language

  6. Let’s see… with 15 dollars in Facebook credits, I’d probably give those Facebook gifts to 15 friends I’ve made over the years. Or give it to my little brother who is active in the games that he plays on Facebook.
    Look at what Sam wrote blog post ..Happy Thanksgiving!

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