Fairness for Good Drivers

I’ve been seeing these commercials on tv and have checked out the web site. I agree that I should not be paying the same as a bad driver. I’d like to see bad drivers pay more, and get off the road. You know that my commute in the morning and afternoon is a long one and my opinion has been reshaped over the past 4 years of commuting. I’ve seen tons of bad drivers each and every day and it makes me mad that I pay the same amount as they do for car insurance.

More than once I have driven to work and wished more than one driver into a cornfield. Hasn’t happened yet, but maybe someday.

Check out the Fairness for Good Drivers website.

You can send an e-mail to your representative through this site as well.

Updated – 4:05pm – I sent in an e-mail to my state representative Elizabeth A. Poirier and already got an e-mail response.

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