Family Excursion Day to Buttonwood Park Zoo

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Today we took the family to Buttonwood Park Zoo. It is over in New Bedford and it is also one of the zoos that we get into for free. It is an exchange with Capron Park Zoo, our hometown zoo. We’d never been there before and we were very happy with what we saw.

The zoo is very well run and laid out nicely. There are talks with volunteers and zoo keepers throughout the day. We got to watch a talk on the mountain lions and elephants. Eva was excited to talk with the keepers. I think that we’re going to send her to Capron Park for a Summer session this year because she is finally old enough to participate. I think she’ll get a lot of of attending the program.

Riding the Carousel

The Buttonwood Park Zoo has a couple of rides. There is a mini train that takes you for a five minute tour of the zoo and there is a beautiful carousel as well. The carousel has amazing figures on it, too. There was a tiger, mountain lion, wolf, harbor seal, bald eagle and more. Eva opted for the hummingbird, a white horse, zebra and the harbor seal. Andrew rode the mountain lion for one up and down and then he freaked out and started crying. I thought that he’d love the ride, maybe I should have sat behind him.

Mountain Lion

Eva however, had her first ride all by herself. Neither Allison nor I was on the carousel for a couple rides and on the second time she did it she climbed up on the horse all by herself. I strapped her in though. She was so proud of herself and loved it so much. The carousel was always one of her favorite rides. After our time at the zoo we went over to Evelyn’s Drive In.

At Evelyn's Drive In

We did try to tough it out and eat outside but the sun was not longer out and it was getting windy. We were able to get a table by the window looking outside instead. The plan was to get the seafood platter and split it. The kids however had other plans. for some reason Eva was anti seafood today and Andrew can’t really have much of the stuff in case it was with any dairy. So the kids split a burger and Allison and I split this.

Seafood Platter at Evelyn's Drive In

While we were eating my friend Justin stopped by to say hello. He works around the corner and saw my check in on Foursquare and popped over.

Evelyn's Drive In and the Bio Bug

We had a wonderful family day together.

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