Family Smiles

Photo-A-Day #2470

Eva is such a love. She just loves her little brother so much. Tonight when we put her to bed she asked if she could hold him. She held him pretty well but she’s also twitchy so when she was done I’m glad I had my hands under him because she just pulled her hands away. We’ll work on that and only allow her to hold the boy inches over something very,very soft.

We continue to get the office/guest room/art room cleaned up. Today we went through the stuffed animals and Eva decided which ones she would keep, which ones would go to Andrew and which ones would go to Project Smile. We got a whole trashbag full for Project Smile and we’re very proud of Eva wanting to help other kids.

We also separated a bunch of clothes for my sisters, my sister-in-law, donate and consignment. It’s slow going but we are heading in the right direction.

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