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Photo-A-Day #1331

There is an event that I look forward to each Christmas and that is the family party with my Dad’s family. My Dad has seven sisters and so we have a very large family. This year the party was very early because of everyone’s schedules but that is okay, it kind of took the pressure off everyone. This was also a great year because all of my aunts and my Dad and my grandparents were at the party. That means a family picture. I’ve taken quite a few of them over the years and I am happy to do so.

This year was also special because Eva is at that stage where everything she does is insanely adorable. And trying to be as non-biased as possible, she did very well walking all around the party. She managed not to get knocked down by all the bigger kids and she only fell over a few times. Once right on her face. She did manage to maneuver a step into the sunken living room. She would walk right up to the edge and sit down, many times without prompting too.

I took many pictures today and here are some that I really liked.

Gingerbread Hot Tub

The whole family

The whole family

Aunt Shelby and Eva

Momma and Eva

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