Photo-A-Day #2758

Today was Farm Day at Eva’s school. They do some fun things for the kids on this special event. There are pony rides, an animal petting area with baby chicks, ducks, bunnies, pigs and goats. They even have face painting, pumpkin decorating and animal masks. Kids can sit on a tractor and have mini hay rides and even sit in a saddle. We took a ton of photos of the kids sitting together in the saddle and I just loved this one, the expressions are fantastic.

When I got home from farm day I worked on adding names to all the faces of the photos, a fun option in iPhoto and then started looking for hotels for a trip to New York. We’re going down for our anniversary as well as for the Activision Family Game Summit. I booked us a suite at the Roger Smith Hotel. I’m quite excited for this trip. This will be the kid’s first trip to New York and also on the train. This should be fun.

Speaking of Activision, I received my review copy of Skylanders Giants today at 4:30pm. Allison told me right away when it arrived so that I could actually play it before going to work. So I actually got to play it for one hour before I would be unable to play for 77 straight hours. Ouch. I think it might have been better to actually get it Monday morning after the work weekend then an hour and a half before I had to leave for work for the whole weekend.

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