Alton Brown is doing something that I would love to do, he’s visiting the island’s of the Caribbean to discover the roots of American Cuisine. Actually I don’t want to be Alton, I’d love to be one of his camera crew. To go on an adventure as the camera crew getting to experience different places and cultures would be amazing. And I’m ready to go too. I’ve got the equipment and the travel know how to do a great job with Alton.

Alton’s new show Feasting on Waves started on the Food Network. This show takes Alton off the bike and onto a sailboat. He’s visiting many of the islands through the Caribbean with his photographers and cameramen and his producer. I think he needs to take me on the next adventure.

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  1. Mamas Italian Dishes says:

    I like both of you and also Alton Brown. Because you are the adventure lover guy like me. Thanks for sharing this in your post with us.
    Waiting for your next post and also some of your photographs.

  2. BenSpark says:

    Thanks, photos will be up when I get some more.

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