Finally, those Buffett Photos…

So last weekend around this time I was gearing up for a great day of tailgating. My friends were arriving or lost but they were on the way. I had charged up my camera and was ready for taking photos. I decided at the last minute to not take the DSLR. I probably should have but I did well enough with my Canon SD800is so I was happy with the photos I got. Here they are, finally.

Photo-A-Day #883b 09/08/07 Photo-A-Day #883c 09/08/07 090807_883d.jpg
090807_883e.jpg 090807_883f.jpg 090807_883g.jpg
Photo-A-Day #883h 09/08/07 090807_883i.jpg Photo-A-Day #883j 09/08/07
Photo-A-Day #883k 09/08/07 Photo-A-Day #883l 09/08/07 Photo-A-Day #883m 09/08/07
Photo-A-Day #883n 09/08/07

The tailgating was awesome at Gillette. I want e one of those cruzin coolers for next year and I was having tons of fun with my XShot and talking to people about it. I had my GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr in my pocket and used that to take care of all the automatic geotagging. We had such a great time. Enjoy the photos.

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3 thoughts on “Finally, those Buffett Photos…”

  1. that looks like fun; but I barely know who Jimmy Buffet is so its hard for me to know why millions go to a stadium to see him. Was that Foxboro? That cruizing cooler is something, too. Are you going next year? With the baby? How long is it now (till the baby)??

    So because of her (him): I would like you to go here because I know you don’t have enough to do! thank you.

  2. The stadium was Foxboro. It was his first Stadium Show too. We will probably go next year, sans baby. Just not a place to have a little one that small with us.

    I see I have been tagged. I will add that to my list of posts that need some writing. Thanks. Looks like an interesting one.

    Baby is due October 20th.

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