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Allison and I use the Internet often to find new and exciting things to eat. Some of our favorite recipes came from the Internet. Even though we have more cookbooks then days ahead to cook everything in them we still supplement our meals with great online recipes. I found a new site for good recipes that I would like to share. The blog is called The Online Recipe Box and it contains many recipes.

What I like about this blog is that you can click on categories on the right hand sidebar and each category contains either a type of recipe or a certain ingredient. Being able to select recipes by ingredient is important because I may be feeling like chicken tonight and I want to find a recipe for a chicken dish. Being able to select chicken from the sidebar gives me, wait there is no chicken category it is just poultry that I can choose. So this brings me to a suggestion for improvement, how about making more categories so I could search for recipes that call for chicken.

Another thing I like is how the recipe is laid out, there is an image of the dish so I know that is was made. Images are not with every recipe however and I think that there should be images of the process as well as the finished dish. Seeing images that were taken by the cook are much better than staged images or ones from out of a book. I want to know that you have had this dish and that you enjoyed it. I’d also like to see difficulty ratings for the difficulty in preparing the dish.

What I am not thrilled about is the abundance of Google adwords all over the blog. And the linked keywords to random things are not appealing either. They are distracting and make me want to look elsewhere. I’d also like to see a print recipe button where you can print the recipe on a 3X5 card. That would be very helpful.

I’ll have to try some of the recipes from this blog to really be able to tell you whether it is worth bookmarking as a resource. But from what I have seen from reading through the recipes the food looks very tasty and I am excited to try out the Super Moist Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins. They sound delicious.

Also of note on this blog there are contests where you can participate by reviewing recipes or submitting your own. That makes for great interaction between the blog writer and the blog readers. I would love to see some Alton Brown stuff as prizes. Maybe do a road food themed contest and give away the Feasting on Asphalt DVD set.

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  1. I think it would stand better if there were less ads. Google ad words turn me off. But I like the recipes that are there.

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