Fingers for Brushes

Fingers for Brushes
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For a little while now I’ve wanted to get some finger paints for Eva. They certainly have changed since I was a kid. When I was a kid there were 4 colors (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green) in little plastic containers. Now the Crayola finger paints are in little plastic tubes and come in 4 colors (Orange, Green, Purple, Teal). These are more like gels and when swirled together they do make colors like yellow and red. They are fascinating actually.

So we put Eva in an old t-shirt of mine and taped some paper to the dining room table. From there I squeezed out the 4 colors on the paper and let Eva have at it. She was tentative at first and then started playing around and having fun. It was a good little exercise in creativity. However she ended up ripping the paper and so we don’t really have a photo of what the final creation looked like. For now her scribbles and finger paints are for her to have fun and keep occupied. Eventually she’ll stop ripping the paper and we can take photos of her work.

This morning we went over to church to help set up for a bake sale. Allison is one of the people in charge of our Relay for Life team. Because of this she has different events planned to help raise money for the team’s donation. The bake sale was one of them and Allison made 5 loaves of banana bread. Let me tell you, I am glad that the bananas are finally out of the freezer. I kinda have an anti-banana thing. They did a great job raising money though and All of Allison’s bread was sold too and at the 1st Mass they made $200.00.

After Mass I caught up with Fr. Dave and gave him the copy of Combinations that I bought for the school (my old grade school) and the youth group (the one I started in High School). It was a signed copy too, thanks Ed Gerety!

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8 thoughts on “Fingers for Brushes”

  1. I love her little ponytail there! Too cute 🙂 finger paints are always loads of fun. I sued to take my boys outside to paint. We’d get a big sheet of butcher paper and roll out a big strip on the sidewalk and they’d all paint at the same time. When we were over in an apartment building we’d usually be joined by some neighbors and their kids! It was lots of fun.

    Okay … now I want to get out the paint and brushes and stuff. Where did I put that stuff when I unpacked…. hmm.

    Lorettas last blog post..Is It a Sign of the Technology Age?

  2. Loretta,
    When the weather is better we will certainly be making use of the outside. We have a big driveway and if Grandfather says it is okay and if the Condo Association says it is okay we’ll let Eva do some chalk drawings. Allison has 4 rolls of fax paper that we can easily use for this task of crayons and finger paints.

  3. I’ve definitely seen the strips of butcher paper that were thicker and glossy (not as easily ripped) in JoAnns before. Not sure how well it bends to tape it to the table, though.

    Way to go Allison on Relay for Life. A lot of our team does events like that as well. They’re running a corporate 5k coming up in April, and one of our ad managers recently ran the NY Marathon to raise money for an autism charity. It’s great to participate in events like that…especially when banana bread’s involved. 🙂

  4. Dina,
    We certainly could get some butcher paper or some other paper. We have a “craft” room that is pretty much the catch all room in the house. Allison is super talented in her crafting but we just haven’t gotten the craft room set up, and now it look like it is pointless to setup one room for the crafting since it looks like we’ll be flip flopping the Eva’s room with the catch all room/office/craft room/catch all room.

    We certainly like to do volunteer activities. Relay for Life is one important event that we participate in. We also like to volunteer with events for the local animal shelter. And Allison, well she does so much volunteer work that I wouldn’t want to embarrass her to talk too much about it. But she certainly does use her time and talents to help others.

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