I finished Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince today. And no MO I won’t be putting up any spoilers. Still can’t believe you felt the need to admonish me about that sort of thing. Honestly!

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince was good. I liked it alot and loved the twists and turns. Certainly great addition to the overall story. It was a quick read, well at least today it was. I finished all but the last chapter before my flights were done and read the last chapter while waiting for a 1:05 movie to begin. I went and saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith, pretty good movie. There were some great action scenes in it and the humor was good, Vince Vaughan was in it too and he was pretty funny. He’s becoming a caricature of himself lately though. I saw Wedding Crashers last week and Mr. and Mrs. Smith this week and you could basically drop him into either movie and its almost the same character.

Anyway, if you haven’t read it yet go out and buy Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince and read it.

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  1. Shawn says:

    The story does seem to be getting darker though, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. Drew says:

    There is definitely a darker quality about the book, but I think it needs to go that way because of the story thus far. So getting darker should come as no surprise. There are some things in it that I found happy as well. But I cannot openly ddiscuss anything here as MO would be very angry and send me nasty e-mails accusing me of posting spoilers. Can’t go inviting Mo’s wrath.

  3. drizzlenightsky says:

    I started reading just last night but had to stop at chapter 16 as I need to be at the office really early today. Just when the action is getting more exciting…can’t wait to go home to finish it tonight. I’m glad you didn’t post spoilers or I would have hunted you down…heh. 😉

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