First Cereal Feeding

Today Eva turned 6 months old. Today we could start her on cereal. She was pretty indifferent to it. Each of us took turns feeding her. We didn’t get too much all over us or all over her. I videotaped the whole thing.

We also introduced a water cup, that ended up everywhere on her high chair, it was fun though. She makes the best faces.

First Cereal Feeding


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  1. Karen says:

    So adorable. She probably wanted fruity pebbles. LOL Hey, I see a beautiful fireplace. I would love to see more of your house.

    Karen’s last blog post..Seven Things About Me

  2. BenSpark says:

    Hi Karen,
    Not sure how I missed this comment. I’m sure Eva wanted anything other than the cereal we were feeding her. I will have to do a house tour sometime. Or, you’ll have to come visit us.

  3. Oh, she’s so adorable! I love the first cereal feeding! So much fun, and yet, ultimately disappointing. lol One of my three took to it like they’d been doing it all along. I can’t remember if it was Shawn or Sam – it definitely wasn’t Patrick. Shawn was such a good eater that first year, it sure might’ve been him. Whomever it was – it really shocked me! I’d never seen a first feeding go that well!

    Lisa Marie Mary’s last blog post..Take The Kids on a Virtual Field Trip

  4. BenSpark says:

    She has been eating much better lately. She is on to vegetables and will soon have fruits added. So far she hasn’t cared to much for peas but likes sweet potatoes and carrots.

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