First Snow at the New House

Photo-A-Day #2478

Today was the first snow that came down at the new house. Sure there was a dusting a couple of times but that snow melted before noon so it doesn’t quite count. But today I broke in the new shovel. I broke it in well. We have sidewalk on one whole side of the house and across the front. There was plenty to shovel.

Eva was so excited to get out and play in the snow. She was watching GMA with Allison and decided that she wanted to do the Your Three Words thing and she had Allison write out six pages. Two sets of three words. The first set was “Dance In Snow” the other was “Dance Like Snowflakes” By the time we got outside she was no longer interested in doing this at all. She was so very over it but we tried anyway. Allison will try to upload the video and we’ll see what happens. I love Your Three Words, it is always cute and funny and touching.

Our video attempt did not work. For some reason I was only recording the in between takes. Eva was not liking doing it at all, she has a short attention span even to things she wants to do. She is not a fan of repeating things. Let me rephrase that, she is not a fan of people repeating things to her. She has no problem asking me thousands of times for stories or to watch Rescue Bots. She loves repeating that.

On the iMac front I’ve got all of our iProducts updated and synced and such. I loaded on Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premier Elements. I’m very excited to use these on the iMac and I probably won’t until the 16GB of RAM arrives next week or the week after. With that amount of RAM this better scream.

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2 thoughts on “First Snow at the New House”

  1. Like your kid, mine has a short attention span problem. I don’t know if it’s normal or it’s a special kind of trait.

    Anyway, I really like to experience snowing. We are in the tropic so we don’t have winter here just a pure rain or shine.

    By the way it’s my first visit here.

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