Connected by our fondness for Christopher Williams’ music. Meet Kym Rohman, she also maintains a Photo-A-Day site through Flickr. Check out her great photos at Flickr: Photos from Kym Rohman.

Kym contacted me by leaving a comment on my recent post about the latest Ellis Paul show that Allison and I saw on Saturday at Tupelo Music Hall. I checked out her site and guess what she is a Photo-A-Day enthusiast as well, and another person who was inspired by Cdub’s Photo-A-Day. Sweet.

I have created a new list of links and will be adding to it when I find more people who participate in Photo-A-Day.

If you or someone you know was inspired to create a Photo-A-Day project please let me know so I can add them to the growing list.

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  1. Kym Rohman says:

    Woah-ha! I’m blushing 🙂 Thanks for the shout out! I love love love the drop down menu – very savvvy! I’ll send my friends along and maybe they’ll want to be in the drop down menu too he he…

    Thanks Drew!