Flying Home

Photo-A-Day #2576

Today we flew home from Florida. We had a 7:45am flight and we were up at 4:45am to assemble everyone and get on the road. Now having two kids security seems even more daunting to me. I was pretty good about it today and everything went very smoothly. We even managed to get all the luggage under 50lbs too. Once through security we had some breakfast and then boarded the plane. We were in the A boarding group so we had a decent pick of seats. Just grabbed an empty row and settled in. Andrew and Eva were both wonderful for the whole trip.

We landed in Baltimore but didn’t change planes. There was a bit of delay there and Eva made friends with two other kids who were heading up to Providence too. When we were landing in Baltimore the pilot told us to look out the window because the Space Shuttle was above us on a plane headed to New York. I didn’t see it but Allison caught a glimpse.

We landed and Dad picked us up to bring us home. We got home, had lunch and I went to bed so I could get some sleep before going back to work tonight.

Vacation was nice. I relaxed and didn’t blog as much as I usually do but had a nice relaxing time and watched the first two seasons of Deadwood as I rocked Andrew to keep him content, not asleep, but content. Now that he’s home I hope that he gets back to his schedule and sleeps better again. The little teeth are coming in pretty nicely. Let’s hope the kiddo gets some good sleep so that we can too.

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