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As one of the FuelMyBlog resident Photo enthusiasts I figure that it is about time that I created a Flickr group for members of FuelMyBlog. Here are some of the rules for participation.

1. Your blog must be listed with FuelMyBlog and the FMB widget displayed on your blog.
2. Only two photos are allowed to be submitted per day, so pick your best!
3. Tag photos with "fuelmyblog"
4. Geotag your photos, FuelMyBlog is worldwide and we want to see where those photos are coming from.
5. You must be (or want to be) a FuelMyBlog Rock Star!
6. Have fun and be creative.

Photo submissions are not moderated at this time, this is subject to change is necessary. Photos should be in good taste and fairly suitable for viewing by a wide audience. If your photo couldn’t be used for your FMB avatar then it wouldn’t be suitable here. Moderators can and will remove inappropriate photos.

If you are a member of FuelMyBlog and would like to participate leave me a comment here or on the FuelMyBlog Forum post. The inclusion to the FMB Flickr Group is by invite only so contact me here in the comments, send me Flickrmail, leave a message in the FuelMyBlog Forum under the FuelMyBlog Flickr Group topic or drop me a comment on this blog.

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