Food Court

So I am just outside Baltimore in a town called Towson. I am staying at the Sheraton Towson that has a walkway above the road that connects the hotel to the mall. That is pretty sweet. Anyway I wasn’t too hungry tonight so I cruised the Food Court on the 3rd floor of the mall. Did you know that if you go around the food court enough times you can practically have an entire meal for free.

This food court had 5 Chinese/Japanese restaurants and each one had some sample on a toothpick. And they didn’t care about giving seconds either. Cruising the food court pays off.

Anyway, I am looking forward to getting home. But this week was nice because there was another specialist here for most of the week so I had someone to hang out with. Looking forward to 4 weeks at home before the next trip. Gotta start training for January. Check this Blog for further updates about what January will be all about.

Oh and I just got a message today to let me know that AudBlog is now free. So more Audio will be coming.

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