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On August 21st, Disney releases 5 enchanting titles on Blu-ray:

  • THE RESCUERS: 35th Anniversary Ed & THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER – 2 Movie Collection
  • THE ARISTOCATS: Special Edition
  • LADY AND THE TRAMP II: Scamp’s Adventure – Special Edition
  • POCAHONTAS & POCAHONTAS II: Journey to a New World – 2 Movie Collection
  • THE TIGGER MOVIE: Bounce-a-RRRific Special Edition

I received all of them to watch and review. I’m looking forward to sharing The Aristocats and The Rescuers with Eva. She’s a big fan of Pocahontas and hasn’t see Pocahontas II. I never saw The Rescuers Down Under and I think that Eva will like Lady and the Tramp II. I’ll post about all the movies eventually when we get a chance to watch all of them however, so far we’ve only watched The Tigger Movie. We already had it but not on Bluray. On Bluray there are a bunch of fun special features including a feature that comes on when you pause the movie.

Here are some clips from each of the movies.

The Rescuers: “Rescue Aid Society”

The Rescuers Down Under: “Australia Arrival”

The Aristocats: “Ev’rebody Wants To Be a Cat”

Lady and the Tramp II: “Playtime With Dad”

Pocahontas: “Colors of the Wind”

Pocahontas II: “What a Day in London”

The Tigger Movie: Trailer

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