Four Wheeled Chainsaw Drone

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So, yesterday the house across the street had a tree service at 7:45am cutting down trees for a few hours. I was, luckily, able to sleep through that cacophony. I actually slept a pretty long time without issue. However, that was not the case today.

I was driving home and on my way to Church and got a call from Allison. She’d just woken up so wasn’t going to make it to Church. Don’t fault me but I was exhausted so when I can come right home and sleep instead of getting to sleep around 10am I’m all for it. So I headed home, had breakfast and played a little Skylanders with Eva. Then I went up to bed at 9am. I awoke at 1:30pm and never got back to sleep again. Right when I awoke Allison and Eva and Andrew were getting ready for their second birthday party in two days. Allison had Andrew on her lap and Eva and Andrew were laughing together. Eva was making Andrew giggle and laugh, it was wonderful. I captured it on my phone.

That was great but after they left the neighbor across the way who owns the four wheeled chainsaw pictured above proceeded to run that for three straight hours. Our bedroom is right next to the street and so I just heard the whirr, whirr whine of the engine over and over. I tried music, I tried music and a sleep mask. I tried reading to make myself pass out. Nothing worked, so I got up and now my new Slam Bam figure is almost fully upgraded on Skylanders.

I’m thinking that if this guy brings out the car sometime this week I’ll take my camera and video camera over and introduce myself and offer to make him a video and take some photos of the car in action. Then I’ll casually get to know the guy and see if he might want to take the car to the park and drive it all around there next weekend instead. Maybe that will work.p>A fortunate thing that happened today was that my friend Jeff went to Toys R Us and got me the new Dragon’s Peak Adventure pack for Skylanders. If I can find Zook and Lightning Rod I’ll be all set till the last three figures are released.

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