Free Christopher Concert….

Last night Allison and I along with Allison’s friend Jen went to the Lyon’s Den at Wheaton College to see Christopher Williams. We haven’t seen Christopher for two years, not since he fell in love and moved away to Nashville and recently (4 months ago) he got married, congratulations! So we were excited to see Christopher, so excited in fact that we moved space and time in our minds so that the show would start at 8:00pm instead of the intended 9:00pm. Actually we just didn’t check the correct time and got there super early so we went to Legend’s and got some dessert and came back to the Lyon’s Den at 8:15.

We walked in and the place was empty, we went up to the counter to ask how much tickets were and to our great surprise they were FREE!!! I forget how much I miss college some days with all the free entertainment on campus through Student activities. Well their Student Activities Fee was our gain. We squished into a loveseat and stayed wedged there for the entire show. We got to watch Christopher warm up and talk with him a bit, he is a fun guy.

The night’s entertainment started with a student C.J. Adams and his friend Sasha. They played some original songs and a cover of a band called Dispatch and a cover of Mr. Big’s hit song, the name of which escapes me at the moment. [The song is “To Be With You.” ~Allison.]

Then Christopher took the stage and he was non-stop fun, he played a bunch of songs and then talked and played through some songs, told us that it is imperative that before you spend you life with someone you take a 32 day road trip. I think that 6 trips to PA together and a tandem kayak trip should give us an exemption.

We were the only non students there and people asked Allison if she knew him because everyone was confused as to why we were there. I guess we stood out. It was a great night and I got Allison the new CD and she got it signed by Christopher.

Christopher did this project called Cdub’s Photo-A-Day. He took one picture each day and posted it on his site. I’m going to do that for my 31st year of life. So starting next Saturday (the 9th) I will be posting an original picture each day for an entire year through the MoBlog (the place where the lovefest pictures live) and then adding them here. So if you see a post by Loveprime with a picture then that is me. (My lovefest name, a take on Optimus Prime.)

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