Fruity Frogs on Snack Day

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Today was Eva’s day to bring snack into school. I wanted us to bring something special for the class so I did some searches for healthy snacks. I found a really cute one on Family Fun called the Fruity Frog. It is an adorable frog made from an apple, some grapes, cream cheese and chocolate chips. Here is the Fruity Frog recipe.

Family Fun, being a Disney company, you can see how prefect the apple and the grapes are. For the regular people, like us who overslept because we had an “Alpaca” meltdown at 4am. Eva has a cute little Alpaca that we got from my company picnic and today was her first show and tell and she was taking that to show and tell. So, in order to make sure that we didn’t forget Alpaca we put it into Eva’s Show and Tell bag. We were supposed to put it back up with her to sleep and well, we forgot. We also ended up waking up at 7:30am. So we had to get a bunch of apples cored and cut and then grapes sliced all why getting ready to get Eva and ourselves ready for school.

We did our best to make some fun snacks for everyone. Instead of a paper lily pad I got some round rice cakes to serve as lily pads. Allison and I took turns assembling the snacks as we both got ready and Eva ready. It was record time to accomplish a bunch of things and we even remembered Alpaca for Eva’s first show and tell. I think that our fruity frogs came out really nice too.

Her teacher thought they were crabs. Oh well.

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  1. Ben,

    My wife loves to cook. I know she’ll be excited to make this one and my little boy will surely love it too. Or thrilled 🙂 Especially the presentation haha.

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