Tasty Fry Sauce

I’ve been excited about Fry Sauce ever since I posted a random photo-a-day of A1 and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. In that post I asked people. What do you like on your Steak, Fries, Hot Dogs and Burgers. Well people responded with all sorts of things but Chica challenged me as to why I had not put Fry Sauce as one of my answers. I had never heard of Fry Sauce so I asked her about it, consulted Wikipedia and looked all over for this supposed delicious concoction.

Quite simply Fry Sauce is a combination of Ketchup and Mayo. That is the simple version. It is good but there is so much more it can be. I became so obsessed with it that I ordered a side of mayo with every burger I have had since. One place even had the gall to charge for it. I’ve added things like yellow mustard, pickle juice, Tabasco and even Red Robin seasoning to my various creations.

But I want to try more. That is why I am holding this contest. I am looking for the Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipe.

Here is how it will work:
1. I’ll take recipe submissions from October 15th till October 31st. Please submit them through the form below.
2. Recipe must use Heinz Ketchup and Hellman’s Mayo. (I’m not buying 10 different ketchup and mayo bottles)
3. Recipe must use accurate amounts tablespoons, ounces and the like. (I have to recreate it)
4. I will select 10 recipes, in the event of less than 10 recipes I will use all recipes.
5. If there are duplicate recipes I will take the first one submitted.
6. Ketchup and Mayo are your starting points, be creative and remember we want the best tasting sauce.
7. I will create the sauces and distribute them to a panel of judges along with some fries.
8. I will video the proceedings and select a winner.
9. The winner will be announced on Monday November 10th.

What does the winner get.
Well, I could not get a Fry Sauce manufacturer to sponsor the contest so I’m doing it myself. I saw the perfect item for a fun loving cook. The Big City Slider Station.

The Contest is now over. Here is a link to the winning Fry Sauce recipe.

You know what I’ve wanted to try in Fry Sauce… Bacon. Luckily there is Mayo with Bacon already in it.

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11 Responses to “Ultimate Fry Sauce Recipe Contest”

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