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I have to post about the Great Wall of Blogs. You might have noticed the new Big Blue box on the sidebar that says “My Blog is On fuelmyblog “The Great Wall”.” Well what that means is that my blog is listed on this fantastic site. I have the bottom right blocks. There is one of my with Tiki drew Face and another with my South Park Viking Drew character. Tiki Drew links to The Benspark and Viking Drew links here.

What I like about fuelmyblog is Kevin. Kevin created fuelmyblog and the idea is very unique. There are 625 squares on the Great Wall front page as well as 625 spots on the More page, te Life page and the business page That is 2500 Squares that are available. Each square has a 40 x 40 picture and each square links to a blog. There is still space on the front page for your blog. Kevin reads each and every blog and so does his wife. She selected my blog as Blog of the Day back on the 12th of this month. And Kevin and I exchanged some e-mails and I’m going to be interviewed for the radio show that he is having about fuelmyblog. The really cool thing to me is that Kevin is in London so I’ll be on an international radio show. We haven’t nailed down an exact date yet but it will be soon I think.

If you have a blog you should get listed on fuelmyblog because the spots are filing up quickly and once they are gone that is it. Don’t you want to be part of something like this. It is really very exciting, I think. Also Kevin keeps his own blog for fuelmyblog. He’s had some amazing press about the site and it has only been up since December. Just goes to show that a good idea can take you many places. Keep checking back here because I will announce when I will be on the radio show. It should be a cool thing to listen to.

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