Fuel My Blog Phase 2 Launch

FuelMyBlog is poised for another big launch. Tomorrow the new site redesign goes live. However saying site redesign is minimizing what has been done to FuelMyBlog. You see, since I am one of the writers and a moderator for FuelMyBlog I was able to get in an kick the tires of the new site for a bit. There are so many great features that have been added to FuelMyBlog. Kevin and the development team have done a great job.

What has been added, more categories, the ability to have an account and leave commetns to bloggers when you Fuel Their blogs. That in and of itself is cause for celebration however there is more. Users can submit their RSS feeds to run on the FMB main page. That is pretty cool. Users can also edit their accounts and update the information about their blogs and add their blogs to the categories that better suit what their blog is all about. And you can change your avatar. You can also see a summary of your votes and the comments that have been left.

So many great things have been added to FuelMyBlog. I suggested to Kevin that because FuelMyBlog started as a way to introduce people to different blogs online that there be a special widget that you could put on your blog that would show those blogs that you have fueled. Sort of like a recommendation widget telling your readers that you like these particular blogs and would recommend them to be visited. That is not in this release but is something that may be considered in the future.

What I really like about FuelMyBlog is the team there. They have worked very hard and have listed to members and have striven to give members a great experience. If you are not on FuelMyBlog, why not? If you are on FuelMyBlog then let me know and I may fuel you.

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