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I want to tell you all about fuelmyblog. This is a site where bloggers can submit their sites to The Great Wall. The Great Wall is a page of 625 blogs in a 25 X 25 grid (it is 625 I did the math, with a calculator, just to be sure). But fuelmyblog has three other grids ones for More, Business, and Life. That brings the total to 2500 possible spots for blogs. The good thing about this is that you can only have 1 square on the wall for each of your blogs. I hate it when there is no limit like that and the first people in the know get all the spots. And the spaces are not all taken either. I can’t believe that. You can still get a spot on the main page. Go to fuelmyblog now and sign up.

I am listed with fuelmyblog for both this blog and Flatwater Bookstore, my entertainment and general consumer blog. I have the two spots in the bottom right hand corner of the main page. The Tiki Drew picture is linked here and the Viking Drew South Park picture is linked to Flatwater. I have gotten many hits from fuelmyblog and I know this because they have a cool feature where you can view clicks from fuelmyblog to your blog. That is a handy feature to have.

Kevin runs the site and he has been working very hard on promoting the heck out of it. There is going to be a weekly radio show and guess what I am going to be featured on the show. Yes, me, can you believe it? On January 12, 2007 I was contacted by Kevin because Then BenSpark was featured as the Blog of the Day. It just so happens that Kevin’s wife read The BenSpark and liked the Photo-A-Day stuff and she chose The BenSpark as the Blog of the Day. Well, I sent a few e-mails back and forth with Kevin and we talked about the upcoming radio show and I’m going to be on it. What is really awesome is that Kevin is in London and so I’m going to be on an international radio show. How sweet is that? I can’t even imagine how these things have come to pass. Just setting up a little blog 3 years ago because I needed a creative outlet has done so much for me over the years. I have connected with some fantastic people and I am so excited to connect with many more.

If you want to enhance your exposure on the Internet start by signing up with fuelmyblog today. Spaces are filling up fast but you can still get on the front page.

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  1. I was pretty hesitant about signing up, as I’m new to the whole Blogging thing, but your post was pretty uplifting and informative, so I’m giving them a try 🙂 Thanks for the info!

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