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Each year I try and find the best gifts for friends and family and lo and behold this year FuelMyBlog and SEOKats are sponsoring a contest where all the prizes would fit perfectly as gifts for the people on my list.

Allison is now a stay at home mom and has expressed interest in working as a consultant for home parties for different products. One such product that I don’t think she knows about would be Laga Handbags. I know Allison has been to handbag parties before but not for ones that are handmade by women who survived the tsunami in Indonesia. And did you know that every bag sewn and sold brings hope for a better tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just try to win one because I can foresee that as a spend all profits to buy more bags sort of job, sorry hon. So getting her on of the Laga Handbags would be great. There are two prizes up for grabs in that category.


Prizes to 2 lucky winners:

  • A handmade “Hidup” handbag ($124.95) and
  • A silver Rose beaded purse ($94.95)

I’m no coffee drinker but my parents enjoy a cup or two of brew. So I was thinking that the The Mad Roaster prizes would be perfect for them. Or this would be a great gift for my sister as the Mad Roaster uses part of the money from the sales of their coffee to help protect the countries where the bean originates as well as the animals native to those countries. For example they have a Lions Tigers and Bears pack that includes:

A portion of the money raised from the sale of this pack gets donated to these charities.

The Mad Roaster has donated two great prizes to the contest and I’d love to win either one of them.


Prizes to 2 lucky winners:

  • 6 month exotic coffee subscription; for 6 months, a package of specialty coffee beans will arrive at your door, free. ($120)
  • A Lions, Tigers & Bears TryPack; 8 ounces package of each of the coffees that help preserve endangered animals. ($28.75)

The holidays are a time where there are great scents that fill the house. And another prize that has been donated is that of some candles from Peter G. Candles

Peter G Candles makes candles of all natural wax instead of paraffin (which is a petroleum product) because “we are not the only generation that will walk this Earth.” Those are some good words to live by and I am sure that my family would enjoy a great candle from Peter G candles as a centerpiece around the table. Peter G. Candles also makes soy candles. Did you know that soy wax is enjoyed by environmentally conscious people because it is not made from petroleum, like paraffin candles and does not give off toxins or increase the CO2 level in the air. We are an environmentally conscious family and some soy candles would be great gifts.


There will be prizes to 2 lucky winners from Peter G. Candles:

  • A showstopper centerpiece with a whopping 6 pound scented candle in the center.($85)
  • Sparkle Pillar Set; With unique (no two the same) snowflake patterns in the all natural palm wax. ($40)

There is no website yet for Tub Truffles but the prizes are no less awesome. Since I am watching what I weigh I think that truffles with zero calories would be great. Of course they go in your tub to pamper your skin with exotic butters ‘n bubbles. That’s fine I should pamper myself from time to time. The Tub Truffles are made with organic fair trade ingredients that support women and children’s causes.


there are prizes to 5 lucky winners:

  • Gift basket heaped with truffles, mud soap, loofah lather and assorted gifts of the Earth ($50)
  • 4 “Samplin’ Stacks” of exotic soaps like Chocolate Mud, Raindrops, and more. ($40 per stack)

    The last prize would be a toss up for either Allison or my sister Shelby. SeoKats.com is giving away some cute Fingerless kitty mitties. They are black and pink as depicted below. SeoKats.com is a blog run by LindaC who is a member of FuelMyBlog and has donated the prize and coordinated this contest as a way to give back to the community of FuelMyBlog.


    LindaC and SeoKats has donated.

    • Fingerless kitty mitties to keep your hands warm while you drive your car, post to your blog… or go shopping with the $50 mad money you’ll find tucked inside the mittens. ($75)

    You can help me win my choice of prizes for this contest and even end up in my FuelRoll. Just give a vote for me during December and add me as a friend on fuel and I’ll be doing the same for you. Just click the bottom part of the FuelRoll where is says, Click below to FuelMyBlog.

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