Full Wedding Comic Strip…

Here is a link to the Full Wedding comic Strip. Wes Molebash the creator, writer and artist of You’ll Have That was commissioned by Allison to create this as my wedding gift. Wes sent us the original black and white strip and then a file with the full color version of the strip, which he colored as a gift to us.

Here is the full, full color version.

We are displaying this at the Reception and showed it to everyone last night at the rehearsal dinner. Everyone loved it. It is so appropriate for Allison and I. Thanks for such a thoughtful and excellent gift Allison!

Make sure you head over to You’ll Have That, vote for Wes on the webcomics list, (he should be #1) and go back through the archives to read about the lives of Andy and Katie. Such a good comic strip. We wish Wes all the luck and success in the world.

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