I am considering bringing my kayak up from the Cape so I can go and paddle each morning before work. But I wonder if my kayak will be secure on top of my car while I am in the office. So I started looking around online for some way to make the kayak secure on my roof rack throughout the day.

I found Lasso Security Cables and they have quite a few styles of Kayak security cables that you can use for single kayaks, touring kayaks and even tandem kayaks. It is such a simple concept I don’t know why I was knocking my head against a wall wondering if there were security measures for my kayak.

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No Responses to “Gadget: Kayak Security”

  1. Cade says:

    I haven’t kayak in a while. I feel like I am missing out. Have you ever gone out to the rocky mountain area and kayak anywhere around there?

  2. Drew says:

    I have not kayaked in a year, but this year I will be doing much more. I pick up my boat on Memorial Day weekend and will get on the water as often as possible after that. I have not kayaked in the rocky mountain area however and would love to sometime.

  3. Erik says:

    isn’t there a hardshell kayak holder that fits on the roof of your car of which your kayak fits inside? (I swear I have seen one) The other option besides the cables is creating a arm of sorts which connects to your luggage rack and locks over or into it, holding it there securely.

    hope you find something out so you can go every morning. There is a last resort of buying a small trailor and keeping it locked up in there

  4. Drew says:

    Those are some great suggestions Erik. Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t seen a hardshell kayak holder but I bet if there was one I could find it somewhere online.