Gadget: Seagate Free Agent Drives

Today I watched The Scoble Show on my flight to Kansas City today. I watched quite a few of the episodes and I am very far behind. One of the shows I watched was about Seagate’s brand new Free Agent Drives. These look and perform very well. They are even releasing a Terabyte drive later this summer. That is pretty cool.

Right now you can get one drive up to 750GB and stylish portable drives that you can easily take with you back and forth from home to work. Scoble Show is a pretty cool show to watch, Robert Scoble is a very prolific podcaster and so many new shows come out all the time on so many different topics. I should be able to get back up to speed on some of my other flights, as long as I can keep my eyes open. Today was a very early morning and I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, not from the content of the show, just from my being tired.

Anyway, the Seagate drives have some cool looking software that easily backs up your software, photos and important information. I have been becoming more aware of the need for a back up of my photos. Some are on CD and I recently got a heavily discounted Maxtor external drive. I will probably need one of the SeaGate ones if I start shooting more pictures in RAW format. I just need to go out and shoot more with my Nikon.

Here are the links to the Scoble Shows about the Seagate Drives.

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