Gadget: The Flip

This morning I rode in from the Attleboro Train station to Boston’s South Station. I am a Postie reporter for PayPerPost for the weekend at CollegeFest. I will be promoting PayPerPost and taking photos all weekend long. I will upload all photos to this Flickr Set called Postie Reporter – CollegeFest 2007 and Photos will also be in a Zooomr Set called Postie Reporter – CollegeFest 2007.

I will be updating The BenSpark, Twitter and Pownce throughout the day with my activities at CollegeFest.

Anyway, I made use of my train time by catching up with some of my favorite podcasts. And one of them was Talking Tech from USA today. Ed and Jeff talked about an inexpensive item for recording digital video. It is called The Flip. Apparently it is wicked easy to use. I am going to look more into this item, but it might be an inexpensive alternative to my old Sanyo. No it is not amazingly clear and doesn’t have tons of features but it might get me by for a little while.

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  1. Hey, those are really nice pictures. I bought a Canon A560 and the only way I can get my photos to turn out nice is by using Google Picassa. What camera are you using, and do you thing the key is software to touch up the photos, or the camera itself? Cool blog by the way.

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