Game Night…

Today after shoveling away much of the freak snow from the freak snow storm Allison and I went to the Holiday Inn in Mansfield to look at their wedding package opportunities. It is a nice place and we shall see about possibly getting it for our reception. Sticker Shock hasn’t quite worn off when I began to work out how much this thing is gonna cost. Yep, still shocked.

Tonight Allison and I hosted Game Night. We played the game Scene It!. Allison’s friends Krista and Dan and Sue and Joe came over as well as our friends Andy and Rondi and Steve and Erin, my sister Tara and her husband Erik also came over. We got Chinese food for dinner from our favorite Chinese food place, Quan’s Kitchen. If you are in the North Attleboro area or Mansfield find your way over to Quan’s.

Scene It! is a very fun game. (My team won one of the games so I am happy. Trivia, Movies, yeah I get competitive.) Apparently my competitiveness became the rally cry for the other teams whose sole purpose was to make sure I did not win. One the second round of Scene It! that is exactly what happened.

We also got to see the movie of the year from 1992, Un mal dia en la vida de Enrique. It was a video from high school that Andy and I made for Spanish class with another guy named Scott. If I can transfer it to mpeg format I will post it. Rondi, I’ll get to work making you a DVD for Andy’s mom, sorry Andy. We are glad everyone could come. If anyone is interested in hosting a future game night at their place please let us know.

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