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There are quite a few Transformers Online Games at the moment. The Big Daddy of them all is Heavy Metal War on The reason that this is the big Daddy is that Ryan, who runs Seibertron, created this many years back. Heavy Metal War has a big following and I have been playing for quite some time too.

I just updated my profile on Seibertron too. It still said that I was eagerly awaiting Botcon 2003. That was last time I attended Botcon. I have a picture from that trip over on The BenSpark.

The other game that is online is one for the movie called Battle for the AllSpark. You can sign up and enter the fray and battle other users in your chosen robot mode. Choose carefully some robots are much tougher than others. Apparently mine is easily beaten.

The third game is sponsored by Chevy and the robots that are made from the Chevy cars and Chevy trucks are awesome. They are some really sweet designs. Unfortunately the game still has some quirks and does not work properly at this time. But it should be up soon so you can Spar with other bots. The title of that one is Build Your Own Autobot.

In other Transformers news Joost the new online TV viewing site. I don’t have a special invite yet but I will be getting one from Mag22. How is my invite from Mag22 from Anything and Everything transformers related? Because Joost will be airing classic G1 cartoons as well as G.I. Joe cartoons. That rocks!

And some more cool Transformers news. I scored 4 tickets to the Charity event that is being held on June 28th. It is a screening of the Transformers Movie. And this is what I will be getting from the event…

First I will be getting the satisfaction of knowing that 100% of my donation will be going to one of these 4 charities.

* Adoption Rhode Island
* The Autism Project of Rhode Island
* Hasbro Children’s Hospital
* Rhode Island Community Food Bank

And I also end up with

* Admission to the premiere party which includes hors d’oeuvres and dinner
* beginning at 6:15 pm, movie at 7:30 pm
* Special souvenir ticket

That is so sweet! I cannot wait to go. With all my online transformers Gameplay and watching Transformers on Joost, thanks to Mag 22 of Anything and Everything I will be all set for the movie premiere night.

I also have 1 ticket for the BotCon screening of the movie. That was also a charity donation. I just don’t know when that movie is being shown, will it be before or after the other premiere or at the same time. I may have some extra tickets.

Also don’t miss free comic book day this Saturday. Here is a message from my friend Chirs at Double Midnight Comics in Manchester, NH.

This Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Double Midnight Comics! This is our fifth Free Comic Book Day and it’s one of our favorite days of the year. Why’s that? Because we get to give away a ton of free comics and show off just how great comics are! That’s why we always make our Free Comic Book Day a party at the store! Some of the titles available include: an original Spider-man comic, Legion of Superheroes based on the Kids WB cartoon, The Transformers movie prequel, Family Guy, the Simpsons, Justice League, Owly, the Astounding Wolf Man and many more! Everyone will leave with a stack of comics, you’ll have to come down and see what’s available!

In addition to the free comics we will also be serving pizza at noon, we will have our annual super movie marathon running all day, we’ll be having free gaming demos (be sure to pick up your Batman Hero Clix and Star Wars collectible strategy game piece), we’ll have raffles, our good friend Scott Wegener will be on hand from 12-2 to do some sketches and what would Free Comic Book Day be without a sale? This year you’ll be able to save 25% off your total purchase on anything in the store! Well almost everything, Clix Bricks and Booster Boxes are excluded. That not enough for you? Well the first 100 people through the door will get a Fantastic Four 2 movie poster!

And don’t forget to pick up your Granite State Comicon discount coupon! The show is coming up on May 20th at the Center of NH in Manchester. We’ve got a bunch of new dealers, tons of artists inducing our guests Ron Frenz, Patrick Gleason and Keith Champagne! Check out for the latest info!

So, come on down to the store 11 & 7 to get your FREE comics! Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your friend’s family. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the people in your life to the wonderful world of comics!

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