Garden State…

Have you seen the TV show Scrubs. Well it is a funny show and the main reason that it is so funny is the brilliance of Zach Braff. Zach Braff plays Dr. John Dorian, or rather J.D. He is the character that constantly has funny daydreams and we can see his thoughts play out on the screen. Zach Braff plays this character with such brilliance that I am laughing my butt off each and every episode.

Well Zach Braff has written and directed a film called Garden State. And I suggest that you go see it. It will be coming to theaters August 6th. It is basically a collection of stories and real life experiences that Zach has compiled throughout his life. And they are bizarre and hilarious and touching.

Zach is also keeping a Blog that is in conjunction with the movie. And it is funny as well. Check out Zach’s Blog. And then go see Garden State. Oh yeah and there is a Scrubs-A-Thon tonight on NBC. Zach Braff will be introducing the trailer during a commercial. Check it out.

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