Georges Island… PAD #1141

Georges Island... PAD #1141

On the descent to Logan I was taking photos of the area (hey, a digital camera is not gonna interfere with anything with the flight controls). As we flew over Boston Harbor I caught sight of Georges Island. I went there on a field trip as a kid. I am pretty sure that it was 6th grade that we went there. From what I remember the trip was fairly interesting, must have left enough of an impression on me as I knew exactly what island I was looking at as we passed over it.

I generally sit on the aisle and don’t even bother looking out the window. For the most part my luck usually ends up with the major sights on the opposite side or I’m seated directly at the wing. So I don’t bother, the aisle is for me. I lost my status however and now I have to sit where they put me. It is not a time to lose airline status especially with all the travel expenses that the airlines are adding. I better get that status back quick.

It looks like I am headed to San Francisco in two weeks so if I take American I should be closer to getting Gold Status back. I hope to travel to one of Thomas Hawk’s photography sites, Half Moon Bay, while I am in San Fran. Back a year or more I learned about Thomas Hawk on ScobleShow. There was a photowalking episode at Half Moon Bay. Ever Since I have wanted to go there and I have wanted to meet both Robert Scoble and Thomas Hawk. I don’t think I’ll get to meet them, they are busy guys but I will go to Half Moon Bay to take some photos. Here is the show in question.

I finished The Last Templar. It pretty much ended as expected and when I get a chance I will give it a much better review/treatment.

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