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I just paid off my car, with a little one on the way that is a huge load off my mind. But now the new worry is whether that car I have is going to be big enough for the little bundle when he/she arrives and all of his/her stuff comes with us. I have a Honda Civic and I like the Honda brand. I will most certainly be looking for a new Honda when the time comes. I learned about a website called and I’ll be signing up with them when I decide to make my next car purchase. Why? Well, how does a free 32 inch TV or 3 months of free gas sound to you. I mean if I am going to have to buy a car anyway why not get a little something extra for my money. can also be used if you are buying or selling a home or looking to do a home improvement project. You could get up to 20% cash back for the purchase of your new home. A little cash back is nothing to sneeze at. Before you look for a new car check out I looked at the Honda dealers in my area and there were quite a few. I think a little extra is worth the look.

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4 thoughts on “Get a little extra…”

  1. Congrats on paying off the car…it’s a good feeling!

    We recently got back into the wonderful world of car payments. I wish that ePerks site was something I’d heard of when we were buying our car. I looked up the dealership where we bought our new car, and found that we could have gotten a free Nintendo Wii with the purchase of the car. Ack!

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