Did you know that you can easily get your official golf handicap online? That is right, you can get your handicap through NetHandicap.com and their golf tournament software With your official USGA handicap card you can compete in tournaments. This online software is for amateur golfers, golf clubs and USGA tournaments.

You can even use NetHanicap.com to grow your own golf league. There is a golf league module that is integrated into NetHandicap.com and it provides you with the essential tools that you will need to create, manage and grow a club league. You can create a roster, league schedule, discussion forum and you can even show standings so you can follow your friend’s progress. The league module is included free with the NetHandicap.com service.

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2 Responses to “Get your USGA Handicap Card…”

  1. Medicus Man says:

    Thanks for reminding me. Every season for the past… well, 12 years I’ve been meaning to do that. It’s kept me from making a fool of myself in a tournament, but maybe it’s time I start.

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks Medicus Man, you can’t drag me onto a golf course but I know that many people enjoy the game and a lot of them are family so I grab a couple of the sponsored posts to let them know about cool things that they could use.

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