Gettin’ in the Holiday Spirit

Allison and I put up the tree last night. It is a Colorado Blue Spruce and we intend to plant it after Christmas. No room for a large tree this year as in past years, even my parents scaled back. Instead of the 11 foot trees of the past they went with a 9 foot one instead. Still it fills the space nicely and has a great shape to it.

Our tree is decorated with handmade ornaments that my Grandmother Theresa made. She also made the giant stars in the same manner, that Tara used to decorate for her wedding.

Speaking of wedding plans, have you seen the Wedding F.A.Q. located at the top left of the blog. That will be the best place to go for wedding information and where you can go to ask questions.

Last night after we set up the tree, Allison and I finished making this year’s Christmas gifts. Once Christmas is over I’ll post some photos of the gifts we made as well as some other information. But for now I can direct you to the books where we got our inspiration. (Our first Gifts in a … Book came from Bonnie and Howard.)

Gifts in a … Series

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