Getting Excited

The summer breezes are whispers on the winds at the moment. Monday we had some wonderful weather and I got the first pangs of excitement over the paddling season. I have to get down to the Cape to pick up my boat. I am thinking about freezing my gym membership for the summer and committing myself to getting out on the water a couple times a week while I am home. (i.e. not traveling).

There are two places where I am looking to try out. The first is Houghton’s Pond in Framingham. I have a co-worker who also kayaks and we’ll be going out together at some point. The place is only 10 minutes from work so I can hit that for a few hours and then head home. Or I could get up super early paddle and then go to work. That might be an option as well.

The second place is Hopkinton State Park, I drive by this location each morning and I have been thinking of stopping there for a morning paddle. I just have to go out and do it.

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