Gift Cards and Skylanders, A Perfect Match

Gift Cards SalesI’m a fan of Gift Cards. I know that many people find them impersonal and need to find gifts for people that are simply perfect for them. You know what is simply perfect for me, a Gift Card.


Well, I tend to buy things that I like, I collect things and usually get them well before anyone buys them for me because as a collector I want to complete my collections. Right now my biggest collection obsession is Skylanders. With Skylanders I am buying figures all the time right when they come out so that I can make videos and play with them.

I changed things around at our house and took all of my Skylanders and put them on my Trek Desk. I hooked up our old Wii so that I could walk and play Skylanders at the same time and level up all my characters.

Back to the Gift Cards.

with Gift Cards I can use them to help my Skylanders habit and buy even more of them. Cash works, too, but I’d probably end up spending it on something else. With a gift card to Toys R Us or Gamestop or Target would work perfectly for me.

What about you? Gift Cards: Yay or Nay?

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