Give it Forward: Zing Toys

Eva with the Air Storm Z-Tek Crossbow

With movies where stars are picking up bow and arrows it makes sense that there would be some toys that follow the trend and allow kids to recreate those heroic moments from movies like Brave and more in a fun and safe way. Zing Toys has a whole great line of Air Storm toys that use their Zarts (Foam Darts) that shoot from bows and crossbows. We were lucky to receive an Air Storm Z-Tek Crossbow with three Zarts. The first time I used it I completely misjudged how far they would fly and put one right on the porch roof. I had to sneak out when everyone was gone to retrieve it. This fun crossbow can shoot 45 feet and the Zarts can stick to all sorts of things. The toy is for kids 8 and up and there is even a safety on it. But with all toys that fire projectiles never aim them at people or animals. There is a target included in the package.

We also received a set of Air Storm Pop Rocketz. These foam rockets fire from a handheld launcher that fills with air when you put the rocket in place. Just squeeze and off it goes.

We also received some ZeeBeez These are described as Topsy turvy Tops. You turn them inside out, spin them and drop them on the floor, they will pop back up about 6 feet into the air.

About the Give it Forward Project on
For the past three years we have saved money to go on a family shopping trip so that we could make donations to Christmas is for Kids. Each year we try to save more and do things bigger. This year many companies that I’ve done reviews with have provided me with toys to review but also toys to give away as well. On December 1, 2012 from 10:00am – 2:00pm Achin’s Garage is sponsoring a Toy Drive of NEW unwrapped toys at Attleboro Farms to collect toys for Christmas is for Kids. We’ll be making a huge donation thanks to so many great sponsors.

Disclosure: I received the Air Storm Z-X Crossbow plus the Pop Rocketz and some ZeeBeez from Zing Toys to review and to donate to christmas is for kids. Opinions about the toys are 100% my own.

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