Giving the iPhone iOS 6 Panorama Camera Option a Try

Photo-A-Day #2731

In college there was this photo that had a group of students posing in front of the colleges Alumni Hall. It was a very large group of students and when the photo was taken this was old school film, very old school. It took a long time to take a photo and people had to stand very still and that is why many people don’t smile in old photos because you can’t hold a smile that long. Anyway there were four guys on one side of the photo and the same four guys at the other side. They had stood for the photo and then ran around the building to the opposite side to pose again. So they were in the same photo twice. I always loved that photo.

When I took the Kodak M580 with us to Disney a few years back there was a feature on it to take a panoramic shot. I took a photo of Eva in three places in one shot using that built in option and the photo turned out seamless. I love that feature on the camera.

Apple just released iOS 6 for the iPhone 5 but my iPhone 4S was able to take the upgrade. With that upgrade I also got the panoramic shooting option. I tried it a few times to get things down but so far it is proving to be not as easy or intuitive that the commercials make it out to be. For one thing you have to shoot vertical and not horizontal. You have to keep it steady and basically make sure that an arrow stays on a line. It is nerve-racking to say the least. So I lines up a bunch of my figurines from my desk to see if I could use the feature and take today’s Photo-A-Day photo. I did but if you look at the larger image basically you are going to see that The Thing got messed up and crunched. Some of the figures look fine but others are a mess. It is certainly something that I’ll have to look further into because being able to just wave your arm with your phone across a beautiful vista and capture a panorama would be fantastic, but I don’t see it happening quite yet.

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